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[ The Otakus That Invade THS ]

Rise up and glomp.

The Anime Freaks of Taft High School
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All Members , Moderated

Yes, we are the Anime freaks (Otakus) of William Howard Taft. We show our Raider spirit through Anime, despite our sucky administration, school policies, and the fact that Taft is a school. Sadly though, Taft has no Anime club. We had pushed for one last year, but the School Board beat us down. RACISM I tells yeah!

Basically this is just a place for us Raiders to hang out, discuss Anime, Manga, Japanese music, Japanese Culture and Pop Culture, and the language. You don't have to be a student at Taft to join, but you must be a High School student and enjoy Anime (or else you'll be pretty lost in this guild).

the almighty moderator:
save_my_sanity (Taft c/o 2005)

None yet.

+No threats.
+No hentai or porn related things. The occasional panty shot is alright, just no nudity. This means keep Yaoi and Yuri content mild.
+No fighting. Let's all just have fun!
+If you bring pocky, you must share with the rest! ^_^
+No excessive cursing.
+Stupidity is fun, but it's a privelage not a right. Don't be a total baka.
+If your post offends someone or even me, I have the right and WILL delete it.
+Please be nice to all fans. If you can't stand fanboys/fangirls, just ignore the post.
+If you have any complaints, email me at lady_voldemort@mugglenet.com
+Fan fics must be behind a cut, images exceeding 300x300 pixels must be behind a cut as well.
+Have fun!