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Name: Randal (Ranni, Ran-chan, Randal-chan)
Age: 16
Grade: 10th
Favorite Subject: French One
[ School ] Nope, I'm a Taft Peep!

Favorite Anime/Manga: Anime:Fushigi Yugi/ Manga: Gravitation
Favorite Movie: American Beauty (How can you handle being on camera? Don't ou feel naked? *Looks down* I am naked)
Favorite Music: Everything, at the moment Para Para (Euro Beat Music)
If you could be a magical girl: "Gorgeous Goddess, Desert Shadow, Arcane Transformation!" *Turns into pretty girl with long black hair in two ponytails, silver dress with ribbions, bangels, BIG SILVER WINGS, and of course a NEAt silver staff with black wings at the top!*
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Yay! The Taft peeps are coming! ^_^
Para Para ish great! *drools*

Randall, you have THE best Magical Girl so far!
lol, love the gravi